Scalpel Slips During A Surgery Can Be Medical Malpractice


When we think of medical malpractice, one of the most common types of medical malpractice that we think of is a surgical mistake. This is because it is the most reported on and often the most egregious type of medical malpractice. It is something that we all fear, a mistake during surgery. It is just what we think of when we think of medical malpractice.

But in reality, surgical malpractice is one of the least likely types of medical malpractice. Communication errors in the emergency room or prescription/medication errors are the most common. Also OB/GYN or anesthesia errors, particularly from nurses in labor and delivery.

However, surgical errors due occur and slips of the scalpel, while rare, can and do occur. This is usually to some great injury to a patient, such as damage to a nerve, tendon, muscle, or other vital structure.

Slips of the scalpel can occur for a few reasons. This includes the following:

  • A surgeon that is rushing;
  • A poorly prepped or visualized surgical area;
  • Distractions such as other medical staff;
  • Errors with the tools;
  • Broken or damaged tools;
  • Surgeon that is inexperienced;
  • A failure to visualize all the vital structures;
  • Making an incision at an improper location;
  • Taking a bad angle with an incision;
  • Applying too much pressure for an incision;
  • Drunk or drugged surgeon, such as working under the influence of substances;
  • Working while fatigued or sleep deprived; and
  • Many other serious causes.

If a surgeon slips and caused injuries to a patient with a scalpel, that could lead to medical malpractice and compensation for the victim. A victim will be able to get compensated for the injury such as the pain and suffering. The patient will also be able to get compensated for any lost wages or lost earnings from the injury. Medical bills or future medical treatment, bills, expenses, medication, or equipment can be compensated as well.