Sepsis And Undiagnosed Infections Can Result In New York Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury, Infections, Misdiagnosis

All cases of New York medical malpractice are horrible. But birth injuries are absolutely devastating. The only thing worse is birth injuries caused by medical malpractice which could have been avoided or detected. These include undiagnosed infections which could lead to sepsis. In even a health adult, an infection and sepsis will challenge a person to the edge of his or her life. However, to a newborn it is almost always deadly.

Undiagnosed infections are a serious instance of medical malpractice. They can frequently result in sepsis, which is a rampant infection which gets into the blood stream. This means it pumps throughout the body and delivers the infection throughout the body. This widespread infection can be very difficult to treat, requires extremely strong antibiotics, and extensive treatment. Most instances of sepsis are infections that did not get diagnosed in time, did not get detected in time, and did not get antibiotics in time. Thus, most times sepsis is completely avoidable, preventable, and should not happen.

This means that sepsis in a newborn is also almost always can be avoided. Because if sepsis does affect a newborn, it is most likely deadly. This also means that an infection was missed and the bacteria was allowed to spread throughout the newborn’s body. In a newborn, there are a lot of signs of an infection which could lead to sepsis which a healthcare provider must be aware of. This includes bloating of the stomach, red streaks on the skin, fever, agitation of the baby, crying more than normal and longer than normal, and any kind other related symptoms.

Some common causes of an infection in a newborn include the umbilical cord, circumcision, wounds from extraction due to the forceps or vacuum, IV sites, or other related causes. Whenever there is an infection in a newborn, it must be immediately treated. Unlike adults, a newborn’s immune system is much weaker and it takes a lot less for the bacteria to enter a newborn’s body and take over; this is obvious given the size of the newborn compared to an adult.

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