New York Medical Malpractice And Sepsis


In recent news, we have heard how hospital acquired infections are very bad, dangerous, and even deadly. These infections are introduced by a healthcare facilities such as a hospital and are generally resistant to medication and treatment. This can make they difficult to cure and save a patient. Thus a patient with a weaker immune system, such as a child, elderly, sick, or injured person will likely have a hard time treating and defeating the infection.

But there are more to just infections. When an infection goes untreated, it can fester inside of a patient and continue to snowball. It can lead to a condition known as sepsis, which is when the infection in the body raises to a toxic level. Essentially, it is a massive immune system reaction to a severe bacteria infection which gets into the blood. This infection goes unchecked and gets so involved it causes the system to collapse and respond.

Sepsis generally happens while a patient is in the hospital. This is because the bacteria infection gets so bad, that a patient is usually seeking treatment before sepsis technically begins. If a patient with a bad bacterial infection goes to the hospital, the infection can be treated and the infection treated before a patient goes septic. But if the hospital fails to properly treat the patient, sepsis can set in and it can be much more difficult to treat.

There are varying degrees of sepsis. The bottom line is, if a patient goes into a hospital without sepsis and acquires it there, it could be a good case of medical malpractice. Patients with severe bacterial infections need to get treatment. Failing to identify the infection or treating it properly can result in sepsis and a patient’s death.

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