Signs Of New York Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Doctors and other healthcare professionals should always promote their patient’s health and well-being. They should provide diagnoses, consultations and treatments that are well-researched and experienced. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Misdiagnosis, poor treatment and surgical negligence may occur, resulting in disastrous consequences for victims. The following are signs that you may have been the victim of medical malpractice:

  • The treatment isn’t working – Your medical condition continues to progress and without receiving the treatment you actually need, serious side effects or more progressive health issues may result. Additionally, the wrong prescription medication or unnecessary surgeries can also compromise a patient’s health.
  • You were diagnosed with a serious medical condition after undergoing only basic lab tests – Diagnosis should involve a thorough exam with time for a doctor to listen to your symptoms. This means you will have a deeper dialogue about your health as well as side effects you may not have noticed otherwise. The failure to complete a thorough exam and reliance on basic diagnostic tests may be a sign of malpractice.
  • The treatment you are undergoing does not seem to fit the condition – Treatment may be more involved than necessary. Tests and procedures that are invasive should only be used as a last resort after conservative and less-invasive methods or treatments have been exhausted.
  • You doctor does not listen to your concerns – You doctor shouldn’t seem harried, rushed or unable to provide you with the attention you need. Failure of your doctor to provide you with the information you requested, doesn’t answer your questions, and concerns you should question it.
  • You have received a second opinion which was different – after receiving a second opinion, and then a third, both of which different from the first, then it is possible that the first doctor didn’t do their job right.
  • The healthcare facility appears understaffed – lack of staffing can compromise your treatment.
  • During treatment or surgery an error was made – A doctor’s failure to comply with a certain standard of care could lead to further pain, injury, illness, and possibly even death.

Victims of medical malpractice deserve compensation for the pain and suffering, the wages they have lost, or the stress, financially or otherwise that the negligence has caused.