Signs You May Not Have A Medical Malpractice Case

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Not every undesirable outcome of a medical procedure or visit with a doctor should result in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  There are times where medical professionals have acted under the standard of care and injury still occurs, or the patient was informed the risks of a procedure and nevertheless consented to the procedure and they were injured due to one of those risks.  In these cases there would not be an action for medical malpractice.  Here are some other reasons not to commence a medical malpractice lawsuit.

  1. The doctor or hospital did nothing wrong.
  2. You were not injured – Even if the doctor failed to treat you properly, but you were not injured then there is no reason to bring a lawsuit.
  3. No long term permanent injury or disability resulted – In most cases, it the injury that resulted from the medical malpractice is minor, it is not necessary to commence a lawsuit.
  4. You like your doctor – Patients who like their doctor’s may not want to sue them, even if they suffered permanent harm due to the doctor’s negligence.  However, you should seriously consider the costs of living with this injury before deciding not to sue.
  5. You think a medical malpractice lawsuit will make you rich – Most large verdicts are reduced when the case goes on appeal and you will still need to pay for the medical expenses you have incurred.
  6. You think that your case will settle quickly – Medical malpractice cases are not quickly resolved.  Most of the time, the plaintiff will need to fight hard to get compensation.  The only cases where they are settled quickly is if there is no dispute regarding who caused the harm and no dispute about the extent of the victims injuries and damages.
  7. You think your case is special – It is unlikely that a similar situation to yours has not occurred.

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