Spinal Fusions And New York Medical Malpractice: A Bad Combo For Patients

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

A spinal fusion is a very invasion, difficult, and debilitating surgery. For a surgery of this magnitude, a patient must be experiencing serious pain and suffering or have been involved in a very damaging incident causing serious injury to the vertebrae, discs spinal cord, or a combination. When a spinal fusion surgery is being performed, there are many medical professionals in different specialities required to help perform this procedure. Patients expect that they will be well-cared for and the treatment they receive is the very best.

However, this is not always the case. Despite such an invasive and risky procedure, sometimes healthcare providers do not do a good job caring for the patient. Sometimes simple mistakes are made which, when dealing with the spine, can have disastrous consequences. These mistakes can be from the surgeon or any of the support healthcare staff assisting with the surgery.

Common mistakes in a spinal fusion surgery which could be medical malpractice are the following:

Surgical errors such as slips, drilling at the wrong spot, or performing the surgery wrong;
Anesthesia errors such as improperly administrating, overdosing, or failing to perfuse the patient;
Recovery room errors, such as failing to monitor an airway;
Cardiac errors such as failing to monitor the stress on the heart due to the invasive procedure;
Foreign objects left inside the patient;
Infections caused by the large incisions; and
Other errors.

When a healthcare provider makes these types of errors, it can result in serious personal injury to a patient. Some common types of injuries include the following:

Paraplegia or quadriplegia;
Spinal cord injuries;
Brain injuries;
Surgical incision errors;
Nerve damage;
Tendon damage;
Ligament damage;
Disc damage or errors;
Organ injuries or damage;
Heart failure;
Liver or kidney damage due to the anesthesia or other drugs;
Blood vessel, artery, or vein damage due to arm placement;
Wrong site surgery at the wrong part of the back;
Massive scarring and pain; and
Wrongful death.

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