Tennessee Jury Awards Multi-Million Dollar Verdict For Boy’s Birth Injuries


A jury in Memphis Tennessee has found a doctor who delayed in performing a cesarean section that was urgently needed for the health of the infant was liable for the resulting severe brain damage and cerebral palsy in the infant.  The jury awarded him, in a unanimous verdict, $33.5 million to cover the cost of his future health care needs as well as other damages.

The baby, Jordan Long, was born more than six hours after his mother arrived at a Memphis hospital on April 28, 2005.  A doctor at the UT Medical Group’s high risk obstetrical clinic had seen her just before she was sent to the hospital.  She carried with her test results that showed her fetus was showing signs of being in stress and had a high risk of suffering injury if not delivered quickly.

Evidence showed that there was an urgent need for Jordan to be delivered soon after his mother arrived at the hospital.  However, a plan was made where surgery and delivery would not occur until more than four hours later.

When Jordan was born he had severe brain damage leaving him with cognitive impairment as well as a form of cerebral palsy known as spastic quadriplegia.  Cerebral palsy is a condition where brain damage has disrupted a person’s normal muscle functioning.  Spastic quadriplegia is a form of cerebral palsy that affects the entire body.  Victims cannot walk and this condition may profoundly affect their speech.  The patient’s limbs may be very stiff while their neck may be “floppy” with no voluntary control of it.  Seizures are also common with this condition.  People with spastic quadriplegia could have moderate-to-severe mental retardation.

Additional evidence showed that had Jordan been born just 15-20 minutes sooner his injuries could have been prevented.

If you have had a child that has suffered a severe brain injury due to the negligence of a doctor you should contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

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