The Law Allows For Victims To Hold Employers Liable For Employee’s Mistakes

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Every year thousands of patient visit hospitals.  With such a high number of patients it is impressive that hospitals can provide their patients with sufficient care.  Coordinating patient care, cleanliness, and communication between so many parties, it can be a tremendous burden for these hospitals to undertake.  However, sometimes with all these responsibilities things can go horribly wrong.

In the event something goes wrong, the entire hospital corporation may be held liable.  Errors the hospital can be held liable for include lab technician errors, nurse’s errors, failure to hire adequate staff, and emergency room errors.  When hospital patients have been subjected to inadequate, incorrect, or improperly conducted treatment, there can be disastrous results.  Patients can become injured, their condition can worsen, or they could even die when medical care is not properly provided.

The hospital corporation has many responsibilities.  These responsibilities include hiring properly trained and qualified staff.  The staff needs to be in sufficient numbers to handle the healthcare system’s demands.  If the people they hare are not able to perform their duties or make mistakes that cause patient suffering, then the hospital could be sued for hospital negligence.  This also applies to contractors providing the hospital services, such as pharmacists and custodians.

The legal theory of vicarious liability is the reasons hospitals can bear such a heavy responsibility.  Vicarious liability is when the employer is deemed responsible for the acts of their employee.  Therefore when a victim has died because of the employee’s negligence, their family can hold not only the employee liable, but also the hospital corporation for hospital negligence.  Hospitals have far more financial resources than one employee.  Therefore the victim is more likely to obtain a favorable outcome and be able to collect the damages they have been awarded.

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