Medical Malpractice And Money; Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses The True Cost Of A Birth Injury

Birth Injury

I think birth injuries caused by medical malpractice are the most upsetting types of New York medical malpractice claims I have represented in my career. This is not that I am without sympathy for other patients—medical malpractice committed against anyone is horrendous. But something just strikes a nerve with me and medical malpractice to babies or young children. Maybe it is because their life is taken away from them too soon. Or maybe it is because they are the most vulnerable without a voice. They rely on doctors and nurses not because they want to, but because they have to so they can survive. And the fact that the doctors and nurses not only failed him, but ended up harming him is what is completely and utterly upsetting.

In yesterday’s post, I discussed that it is not only doctors who can be liable for birth injuries caused by New York medical malpractice but also nurses. Other potentially liable parties include the obstetrician, anesthesiologist, a midwife, and even technicians (i.e. med techs or X-ray), all in addition to the attending physician and nursing staff.

But up until know I have discussed the causes of birth injuries, who may be liable, the statute of limitations, and even the common injuries such as cerebral palsy, but I have not really touched on the costs of New York medical malpractice and birth injuries. Of course, these costs all stem for after-treatment and care of the child.

The costs will range depending on the extent of the birth injury, what condition, and the severity of that condition. But common treatment includes regular visits to a physician and therapy; all can become very expensive very quickly—especially as the child ages. Other costs include electronic devices to help monitor conditions the child may be suffering from. Further, there will always be a cocktail of medications the child will likely have to take in addition to vitamins and minerals. Also, paying for health care assistance such as nursing case, in-home care, and other medical services will quickly deplete funds. Other procedures may be needed to help either correct a condition or maintain the status quo of the child’s condition. Finally, as the child gets older, there will be a need for educational and psychology therapy to help the child make the most of his or her life plagued by a birth injury caused by New York medical malpractice.

In short, it should become apparent that these costs can be debilitating to a family. This is why so many birth injury New York medical malpractice claims skyrocket—the jury needs to account for the past, present, and future costs the child will endure.

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