When Tools Break During Surgery It Can Be Medical Malpractice


No one likes to go in surgery. It is a scary thought for us to be unconscious while others work on our body, cut us open, and performed procedures on us. Even when these surgeries are scheduled, or even elective, it is still unsettling. This is why when mistakes are made that it can result in serious personal injuries.

One of the most common issues that could arise during surgery is a tool breaking. This can be caused by a lot of different issues, including the following:

  • Improper usage during surgery;
  • Pressing too hard on tools;
  • Twisting too hard on tools;
  • Using tools for improper purpose;
  • Using wrong angle for tools;
  • Improperly assembling tool prior to surgery;
  • Excessive wear and tear on tool;
  • Old tools needing to be replaced;
  • Using the tool for its unintended purpose;
  • Using the wrong sized tool;
  • Not getting assistance when placing the tool;
  • Not properly cleaning the tool; and
  • Many other causes.

Generally, when a tool breaks it is a warning sign. It is not always negligence, but it is usually a suspicious incident. The tools are not meant to break, well most of them at least; some screwed at meant to break off if there is too much pressure or torque on them to prevent damaging the bone. But when tools like screwdrivers or drills break, that is medical malpractice more often than not. These tools are not intended to break like that. This usually is caused when a doctor is using the tool improperly or pressing too hard. This can not only cause damage to the tool, but also to the body.

One of the largest problems with broken tools is that they can leave in debris. This could be a big piece like a broken drill bit, or this could be small like drill shavings. These shavings, while generally innocuous and not likely to cause a problem, could result in infections or your body rejecting them and causing abscess. This can lead to very serious infections or even sepsis.