Not One But TWO Doctors Performed Medical Malpractice In Colonoscopy Case: Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses


A jury just came back and awarded $2 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors who perforated a patient’s colon two separate times. That’s right, TWO separate times. The 62 year old man ended up needing two feet of his colon removed due to the surgical mistakes by both of the doctors, and he continues to suffer other medical problems because of it.

What happened was a doctor doing the initial colonoscopy overinflated his colon-a common practice before using the scope-so much that it caused the colon to tear at points. The following day, the patient complained of severe pain and the doctor sent him to go to the emergency room which found there was no tear in a CT scan. However, a follow-up scan conducted days later DID find a tear and the patient required surgery.

Now another doctor began to fix the tear and ended up puncturing it again and had to remove those two feet of the patient’s colon! The jury found the first doctor to be sixty percent liability, and the second to be forty-percent liable.

While colonoscopy perforation is really a common risk, a study conducted years ago published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute found that 1.96 out of every 1,000 patients undergo a colonoscopy and suffer a puncture. It just so happens that the 1.96 was the same patient, two days in a row. Additionally, the study also found that as technology and training improved, the risk of colonoscopy punctures slowly is declining.

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