VA Hospitals Hide Medical Malpractice, Patient Rather Get Amputation Than Have Another Surgery!

Medical Records

According to news reports, a Veterans Affairs Hospital podiatrist committed approximately 90 medical mistakes which harmed patients and likely constituted medical malpractice, but the VA Hospital hide them from victims, the news, and the state from investigating.

For instance, this doctor drilled the wrong screw into the bone of one patient, cut a critical tendon in another, performed surgeries on patients who didn’t need surgery, and twice failed to due an ankle of a patient who decided to just have the ankle amputated then go for another fusion with that doctor.

This all occurred at Togus Hospital in Maine.  The hospital allowed the doctor to resign from the hospital.  The doctor ended up going into private practice instead and did not advise his past to patients, new victims, and to the licensing board.

He ended up moving to NYC to become a podiatrist there, where he currently remains.

The investigation by USA TODAY actually found many instances where VA hospitals HID mistakes from victims and licensing agencies.  This is horrible.  In fact, the VA had hid approximately 230 settlements with confidentiality agreements between the most seriously injured victims—something that I will not sign off on.

This is a bad example of medical malpractice and how facilities will go to great lengths to hide mistakes to avoid liability or to avoid tarnishing their records or history.