Victims Killed In Hospitals Should Call A Lawyer Immediately!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Hospitals are were very sick people usually go.  Yes, some people have surgeries there and other treatment.  But generally when we think hospital, we think emergency medicine.  That is what they are really known for doing.  Since people going to the hospital are usually very sick, there is a larger percentage chance that they will die there as opposed to at the dentist.

But that does not mean every hospital death should be ignored.  Especially if that is the case where a patient went into the hospital for treatment like a surgery and did not some out.

All hospital deaths, unless the direct result of trauma, should be investigated by a lawyer and another doctor.  In New York, to commence a medical malpractice lawsuit the lawyer must have another doctor look at the records to determine whether there may have been medical malpractice.  That is called a certificate of merit.

Any time a patient dies in a hospital, have that lawyer and another doctor do that review.  Even in emergency cases.  Especially in elective surgery or planned surgery cases.


Because there are a lot of medical errors and mistakes that a hospital healthcare employee could make that could kill your loved one which is medical malpractice.  Indeed, this can be very serious medical malpractice—anytime there is a wrongful death it is very serious.

Medical professionals must be held to a high standard of care to protect us, especially at hospitals.  Since a lawyer is not a trained medical professional, the law reviews another doctor to look at the facts and medical record to see if a mistake has been made.

The best part?

Good lawyers will do this FOR FREE!

That is right—you can have a lawyer and doctor look at your case to ensure that your loved one did not die because of another doctor’s mistake—FOR FREE.

What other profession does something like this for free?  Let alone TWO professionals!  Don’t forget, the FREE review for you may cost the lawyer between $2,000 and $10,000 to high a doctor to do the review.  Not to mention the lawyer’s own time and staff time, and copying costs.

Where can you get something of value for more than $10,000?  I can’t think of another example.