New York Medical Malpractice: When To Get A Lawyer’s Advice


Most people are wary about suing someone, especially one of their trusted healthcare providers such as a doctor. This is more difficult when the healthcare provider has been a long time car provider. People do not want to “ruffle feathers” or create controversy. This is especially true if the patient is not sure that there was an error or mistake in the first place.

But there are some times where a patient should at least speak with a lawyer. It is especially important to not delay this, as the statute of limitations in New York is only two and a half years (2 1/2 years) from the date of the act or omission constituting medical malpractice. This means that a victim who does not commence within two and a half years (2 1/2 years) will be forever barred from commencing a lawsuit. There are some limited exceptions, but they are not to be relied upon.

Nonetheless, a patient is not a medical professional and if he or she thinks something is wrong, he or she should speak with a lawyer to check. Some instances where a person should always or nearly always speak with a lawyer about medical care they are receiving is when:

  • A patient dies, especially from a procedure which does not seem to be a life-threatening procedure;
  • Unexplained nerve pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of movement;
  • A decreased range of motion for no apparent reason;
  • Broken bones after a procedure or medical care;
  • Burn marks or burns;
  • Cuts or lacerations to a patient;
  • Bad stitching causing pain, oozing, redness, or infection;
  • Unexplained infections;
  • Burning or tingling in odd places, especially the limbs or neck;
  • Incisions in areas which were not marked pre-surgery;
  • Bruising in unexpected areas;
  • Bloating or nauseousness for no reason; and
  • Any other suspicious cause.

If there are any of these causes, just speak with a lawyer. Most lawyers do not charge for a case review, and the Fisher Malpractice law firm absolutely does not. Call for a FREE consultation to learn your rights today.