World’s First Quadruple Limb Transplant Performed!


A few weeks ago I posted about the Turkish hospital which performed two miracles in a single day. First, they performed a face transplant on a young man who suffered severe burns has a child. The second case was an amazing triple limb transplant which was performed with unerring precision. However, while the face transplant had no complications, the triple limb transplant had a small issue where doctors had to remove the implanted leg because of tissue incompatibility.

And now, Turkish doctors in the same hospital performed the world’s FIRST quadruple limb transplant! How amazing is that! Approximately fifty-percent of the patient’s body is COMPLETELY NEW!!!

The operation itself took over twenty-hours to complete, and involved a team of over fifty doctors and specialists to expertly supervise and perform the quadruple surgery. In fact, in a preemptive attempt to make sure they hand enough blood in case there were complications, the hospital asked for blood donations in the community as backup!

Obviously, the most important thing right now is looking out for infection, blood complications, and incompatibility of the limbs. Particularly, the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours are the most important now to watch for these complications. But even beyond that, there are serious complications that could arise in the next few weeks as well such as more serious infections—particularly blood-borne ones.

I just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention on a Saturday night how amazing medicine is progressing. Of course, the law works the best it can to keep up but sometimes lacks. If—unfortunately—an infection or another complication occurs, the medical staff or hospital is likely not liable. These procedures are extremely risky and as the risk goes up, the forgiveness of the law also goes up. Of course, if there is something blatantly negligence about the procedures the doctors can be liable. But caught up in the magnitude of the already dangerous and complicated procedures will provide for an escape of liability. Essentially, even though medicine is moving much faster than the law, the law still is broad and discretionary enough to provide for this rapid expansion.

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