The Wrongful Death Of A Patient After A Misdiagnosis

Wrongful Death

All medical malpractice is bad, but a misdiagnosis is particularly bad because it generally means the victim’s injury could have been avoided to prevented. It means that the victim could have been healed and saved the fate he or she endured. It also means that the victim could have lived free of medical malpractice and without complications.

But unfortunately, medical malpractice resulting in misdiagnoses are rather common. The worst type is where the misdiagnosis allows an infection to continue to fester, or cancer to continue to grow. Because for both of these conditions, if the disease is allowed to continue it will become untreatable and result in the death of a loved one.

An infection left untreated will grow and get into the blood of the victim. This will result in sepsis, which can cause permanent damage, is very difficult to treat, and can result in death. Even small infections which are misdiagnosed or not treated can result in the worst and deadly infections possible.

Cancer left untreated is also very dangerous for obvious reasons. If allowed to continue to grow, it will spread throughout the body. When that happens, it can be nearly impossible to treat. It will also be very painful and result in a long road to recovery if it spreads. Even if the cancer can be treated, it will likely result in a higher chance of returning and, if it returns, the morality rate will likely be higher.

Shouldn’t a negligent healthcare provider be liable for a misdiagnosis?


There is also the issue that a misdiagnosis may result in serious emotional pain and suffering, including horrific depression, anxiety, and pain.

A negligence healthcare provider can be liable for this too!