Botched Back Surgeries: New York Medical Malpractice Explained by Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Understanding Botched Back Surgeries Which are New York Medical Malpractice: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer

It is common for someone to complain of back pain.  Young or old, we have all had it in some form or another.  Maybe it was the first time you went snowboarding, the weekend yard work, or even just sleeping wrong.  Even finally tuned athletes get back pain.  Back pain is common, and it will only increase as you age.  Sometimes surgery will help, and other times not.  But that does not mean that botched back surgeries are okay or not New York medical malpractice.  If you have undergone a back surgery which has resulted in an abnormal or poor result, call ur Albany medical malpractice lawyer to learn what your rights to compensation may be.

Typical Back Surgeries

There are a few common back surgeries.  The one everyone seems to hear about is a back fusion, which is where vertebrae are fused together in an effort to control nerve pain caused by the vertebrae moving out of order.  Some other types of typical back surgeries include the following:

  • Laminectomy;
  • Discectomy;
  • Fracture repairs;
  • Nerve ablation; 
  • Calcified disc repairs;
  • Repairing tears in tissue or muscle;
  • Annular tear treatment;
  • Injections; and 
  • Other types of back injuries.

Reasons Botched Back Surgeries Could Happen

Your back in incredibly important as it houses your spinal cord, the main and last major highway of nerves to your brain.  If this is damaged, parts of your body could be “shut off” and not function.  This is why your back must be protected and treated very carefully during a procedure.  However, this is not always the case and can result in very serious injuries when New York medical malpractice cases your back.

Some reasons that a back surgery could be botched include the following:

  • Improper training;
  • Inadequate staffing;
  • Poor surgical technique; 
  • Errors in performing a procedure;
  • Using the wrong tools;
  • Improper use of medication or drugs;
  • Rushing or delaying;
  • Poor sterilization technique or field, resulting in infections;
  • Mis-measuring location of surgical site;
  • Using the wrong level of the spine to do a procedure (wrong-site surgery); and
  • Many other reasons.

If there is a botched back surgery, a victim could be seriously injured and even killed.  Shouldn’t a negligent doctor or healthcare provider be liable to a victim and his or her family  But what do you think?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment or I also welcome your phone call on my toll-free cell at 1-866-889-6882 or you can drop me an e-mail at  You are always welcome to request my FREE book, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims, at the home page of my website at