Botched Shoulder Surgeries: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


Understanding Botched Shoulder Surgeries: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Shares Important Information 

The shoulder joint is the most complicated joint.  Not only are there many tendons and ligaments which run through and support the shoulder joint, such as the rotator cuffs, but there are massive muscle groups, very important nerve bundles, and significant veins and arteries running through your shoulder.  There is simply a lot of connective tissue and muscles, along with supporting nerves and blood vessels, in such a small place.  This is why any type of shoulder surgery is very difficult and more complex than say a knee surgery or foot surgery.  But this is not an excuse or license for a doctor or surgeon to make mistakes.  A botched shoulder surgery could be New York medical malpractice and should be reviewed by our Albany medical malpractice today.

Why are Shoulder Surgeries so Complicated?

Even though the shoulder is not weight-bearing like the hip, most surgeons agree that the shoulder is more complicated than the hip because the shoulder is a significantly smaller place with smaller structures.  Your shoulder is a ball and pocket system, and around that joint are layers and layers of tissue.  Your rotator cuffs are very strong, but they are still susceptible to injury in certain situations—including just overuse.  While you have four rotator cuffs, the failure of any one rotator cuff could result in the complete immobility and severe pain of our arm.

You also have some major nerves running through your shoulder girdle which originate from the base of the neck (cervical spine) and extend distally (or away from your body) and down your arm all the way to your fingers.  These branch is known as the brachial plexus nerves.  Along with these nerves are your blood vessels which supply your entire arm with fresh, oxygenation blood.  

Despite all of these factors, shoulder surgeries and almost always performed in a proper manner which ensures that the patient has a good or excellent recovery.  However, some surgeons fail to appreciate the complexity and risks of a shoulder surgery which could result in significant injuries if performed improperly.  A botched shoulder surgery could result in permanent and life-long injuries which should be evaluated by an Albany medical malpractice lawyer.

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