Botched Spinal Fusion and New York Medical Malpractice


New York Medical Malpractice Causing a Botched Spinal Fusion

A spinal fusion is a very invasive procedure which permanently restricts the range of motion of a patient.  This is irreversible and usually results in a prolonged recovery period.  This is also a very complicated surgery which takes several hours to perform.  Even with the best surgeons, some factors can still result in an adverse result due to the naturally high risk of this surgery.  However, that does not mean that the spinal fusion was not caused by New York medical malpractice or negligence.  In fact, there are many errors which could result in severe personal injuries or even wrongful death due to New York medical malpractice.  Our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer explains some common reasons why a botched spinal fusion occurs.

Common Reasons for a Botched Spinal Fusion

A botched spinal fusion can result in very serious personal injuries which could even paralyze a patient for the rest of his life or her life.  The reason why there are botched spinal fusions is because of the complexity of the procedure.  It is really several procedures all at once, including a laminectomy (removing part of the bone of the vertebrae above and below the fusion), and a discectomy (removing the disc between the vertebrae being fused).  Even though it is a more complicated procedure, it does not mean that a surgeon has a license to make mistakes.  It just means that the surgeon must use a level of care and treatment which is commensurate with the complexity.  Said differently, the complexity of a surgery is not a defense to medical negligence.

Some common reasons for botched spinal fusions include the following:

  • Misreading imaging studies and reports;
  • Wrong patient surgery;
  • Wrong site surgery;
  • Miscounting the number of vertebrae to perform the procedure;
  • Using the wrong hardware;
  • Taking the wrong angle when drilling in pedical screws;
  • Using the wrong medium as the replacement disc;
  • Performing the discectomy too deep;
  • Improperly removing too much lamina and exposing vulnerable parts of the vertebrae or spinal cord;
  • Drilling too deep;
  • Equipment failures;
  • Anesthesia mistakes such as failing to keep the patient properly perfused; and
  • Many other causes. 

Victims of a botched spinal cord fusion should call our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer to learn what rights to compensation he or she may have.  These are very serious injuries which could permanent effect a person’s entire life, including his or her career, family, and other means.  But, unfortunately, many medical providers and healthcare officials will try to blame the victim or claim that the risk of the surgery was so high that the botched resulted was inevitable.

However, this is usually not true and usually the first defenses used to get a victim to “go away” or not proceed with a lawsuit.  But our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer knows that you have certain rights that need to be protected—and shouldn’t they?  Shouldn’t negligent healthcare providers be liable for their mistakes?  Of course!

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