Causes of Pressure Ulcers Due to Kingston Medical Malpractice

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Kingston Medical Malpractice Causing Pressure Ulcers 

A pressure ulcer, also known as a bed sore, is a very serious type of medical condition that a patient or resident of a nursing home, hospital, adult care home, or other healthcare facility could sustain.  This is because pressure ulcer can cause horrific pain and significant infections which could cause permanent damage and even wrongful death.  Pressure sores are almost always Kingston medical malpractice because they are classified as “never events.”  Meaning that, in the proper care and treatment of a patient, a pressure ulcer or bed sore should never occur.  These are very serious types of New York medical malpractice cases which should be evaluated by an experienced Kingston medical malpractice lawyer.

Common Causes of Pressure Ulcers

Since pressure sores and bed ulcers are classified as “never events,” the causes of a pressure sore are usually due to the reckless, careless, or downright negligent conduct of a healthcare provider.  Some of the most common causes of a pressure ulcer which result in very serious New York medical malpractice include the following:

  • Failing to check on patients;
  • Failing to rotate or move patients frequently;
  • Failing to properly exercise or force patients to get up to walk and move around;
  • Improperly working with patients to stand, walk, or move around;
  • Not checking for red spots or the beginning stages of a pressure ulcer;
  • Improperly treating a pressure ulcer once it starts;
  • Failing to refer a patient with a pressure ulcer to another healthcare provider or a hospital for immediate treatment;
  • Not following up on a patient with pressure sores; 
  • Using the wrong type of beds or springs with patients who are likely to develop bed sores; and
  • Many other causes.

Victims of a Pressure Ulcers Should Immediately Call Our Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Anytime you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pressure ulcers or bed sore, it is important that you immediately get the proper treatment to stop the damage that is being caused and to abate nay infections.  Once your health is stable, you should immediately contact our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer to learn what rights you have to compensation.  Healthcare providers should be liable for these types of injuries which are usually due to negligence.  

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