Cervical Fusion Mistakes from New York Medical Malpractice

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New York Medical Malpractice Which Causes Cervical Fusion Injuries

A cervical fusion is a very serious procedure.  It is irreversible.  This is when there is damage to the spinal column, spinal cord, nerves that originate from it, or other neck injuries that cannot be repaired through conservative measures.  Parts of the disc, or the jelly-like cushion between the spine, need to be removed.  The vertebrae need to be fused together with painful hardware to prevent possible damage to the spinal cord or nerves originating from it.  This means that the neck will not move at those vertebra.  While this is a massive procedure and an important one, sometimes medical providers don’t give it the care that this procedure needs which could result in New York medical malpractice.

But just because cervical fusion surgeries are complicated, more involved, and difficult, this is not a free license to cause injury.  That is right—even more complicated surgeries could result in New York medical malpractice.  It does not matter whether it is a simple procedure or a very complex and difficult one, when a healthcare provider fails to uphold the standard of care, it could be negligence.

How Do Cervical Fusion Mistakes Occur?

There are many possible ways that New York medical malpractice could cause serious injuries from cervical fusions.  Some of the most common cervical fusion errors include the following:

  • Improper angle of the pedical screws;
  • Performing the fusion at the wrong level;
  • Carving too much disc out;
  • Using the wrong-sized hardware;
  • Drilling too deep or at the wrong angle;
  • Failing to profuse a patient properly;
  • Too much blood loss;
  • Slips of tools; and
  • Other issues.

How Serious Are Cervical Fusion Mistakes?

Errors with cervical fusions are serious and can permanently damage a person’s body.  It is usually irreversible, and is a serious instance of New York medical malpractice that can result in permanent, debilitating, and life-changing mistakes.  Shouldn’t a healthcare provider be liable for these mistakes?  Absolutely!

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