Common Mistakes by Hospitals Which Could Cause Personal Injury

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Understanding Common Mistakes by HospitalsWhich Could be New York Medical Malpractice

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing.  And generally, they are.  However, unfortunately, there are some common hospital mistakes which are preventable but still occur.  This hospital mistakes can result in very serious and significant personal injuries.  Many times there hospital mistakes are due to New York medical malpractice.  Learn about these common mistakes by hospitals to protect your rights.

As a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer, I know that these hospital mistakes can lead to devastating and catastrophic injuries for a patient and his or her family.

Some of the most common hospital mistakes which could result in permanent and debilitating personal injury include the following:

•Anesthesia mistakes – anesthesia is a cocktail of three very powerful drugs which are intended to block pain, induce unconsciousness, and paralyze a patient.  Mistakes in dosing or administering these medications can be fatal.

•Orthopedic mistakes – There are many different types of orthopedic errors which could be due to New York medical malpractice, including setting a cast too tight, mistakes during surgery, or failing to diagnose conditions.  These could result in long-lasting and permanent injuries.

•Failure to diagnose cancer – We all know that the longer that cancer is allowed to fester, the stronger and more difficult that it will become to treat.  This is why failing to timely treat and diagnose cancer could be New York medical malpractice.

•Failure to diagnose an infection – Infections are common, but misdiagnosing them is not.  When an infection is allowed to continue to grow out of control, it can become sepsis and lead to life-threatening complications including sepsis.

These are just some of the many forms of New York medical malpractice by a hospital which could result in serious personal injuries or even wrongful death to a patient.  Shouldn’t hospitals be liable for these mistakes and the consequences that they cause?  Absolutely!  These common mistakes by hospitals shouldn’t be so common!

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