Compensatory Injuries After Hip Replacements: Common Error or Medical Malpractice?

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A hip replacement is a very invasive procedure.  It requires a lot of manipulation of tissue and done.  Part of the hip is even removed, and a prosthetic implant is used.  Sometimes a complete hip replacement is required, wherein the entire joint is replaced.  This is incredibly painful, debilitating, and weakens the muscles to an extreme degree.

This means that the healing process is also longer and more difficult.  Because of this, other parts of the body will take a toll.  A common injury is to the other hip.  This is known as a compensatory injury, and it occur because a patient is trying to avoid putting stress on the injured hip but, in return, puts more pressure and exertion on the non-injured hip.  This causes inflammation and additional stress or damage to the hip.  The longer the recovery, the more likely that the inflammation will cause serious personal injury.

This compensatory injury could result in a patient’s worst fear—ANOTHER SURGERY.  But this time, it could be in the patient’s opposite hip!  This means that a patient may have to undergo surgeries on two, opposite hips.  This is extremely debilitating and can result in horrific pain and suffering because both sides may hurt.  While it is common practice for a surgeon to wait until the other hip is completely fine, that hip may still be sore or the compensatory injured hip may be so injured that the new surgery is required immediately before the first hip is fully healed.

Many times the surgeon will say this is a normal risk or complication of a hip surgery.  And you know what, SOME compensatory injuries ARE normal and DO happen.

But sometimes they are caused by medical malpractice.  How?

  • Compensatory injuries caused by misalignment of the joint or implant are medical malpractice!
  • Compensatory injuries because one foot is shorter than the other (from failing to do the implant properly!) can be medical malpractice;
  • Compensatory injuries due to the wrong size implant used are medical malpractice; and
  • Many other types.

What do you think about compensatory injuries?  

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