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New York Medical Malpractice from Products Liability Cases

You may not necessarily think of a products liability case and New York medical malpractice.  If you do, you may be thinking of pacemakers or insulin pumps which fail.  Those are good points which you may have a case for.  However, there are other product liability issues which occur in a medical malpractice context that you should know about to protect your rights to compensation.  Knowledge is power, and knowing about these instances can ensure that you do not allow a healthcare provider or other insurance adjuster to persuade you otherwise, trick you, or otherwise limit your rights.

One of the most common product liability issues which can be due to New York medical malpractice, or result in medical malpractice, is a PCA pump. This is an automated device which helps administer pain medication per a physician’s orders.  However, this device could be set improperly be a healthcare provider, or it could malfunction and accidentally disperse too much of the drug, too often, or cause other major issues.  This can result in permanent personal injuries and even wrongful death of a patient because the pain medication being administered is usually something very strong like morphine.

Another type of product liability claim in New York medical malpractice is due to surgical equipment mistakes.  This occurs when the tools used during a surgery or procedure fail.  Sometimes this is because of the way that the tool was put together by the healthcare provider, such as the surgeon or nurse, but it could also be due to how the tool is constructed.  Damages to a patient from a tool breaking or being used in a manner which causes it to fail and bring about a product liability claim of the medical malpractice.

Healthcare providers who make mistakes with the tools used during procedures should be liable to re-pay you for their mistakes and your damages.  

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