Is a Dancing Doctor During Surgery Medical Malpractice? Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

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The Dancing Doctor News Story: Could That be Medical Malpractice?

On the news has been this story about a dancing doctor who performs surgery while listening to loud music, dancing with a mask on and surgical tools in hand, and with patients on an operating table and clearly in a surgery.  Many news outlets have been outraged over this, many lawsuits of patients who had less-than-desirable results have sued her, and the board of medicine stepped in and challenged her license.

But is it really medical malpractice to dance while doing surgery?

Don’t most doctors listen to some type of music anyway during surgery?

Can’t doctors have fun?

What if the patients consent?

These are all good questions, but do not prevent medical malpractice.  The doctor even says that she has consent of all patients and these dancing surgery videos were staged.  But at least one victim has said she did not know this was happening and identified herself on one of the videos.  She did not consent.

Moreover, the longer that a doctor takes to perform a surgery once a patient is already anesthetized and cut open, the longer and more likely that unfavorable consequences will occur such as infection, swelling, excessive bleeding, and other complications.  Anesthesia is a very powerful drug, and the longer that it is in a patient the longer that it could be causing damage to nerves, vessels, and the overall stress on the patient.

Victims of New York medical malpractice from a doctor who is taking way too long to perform a surgery to dance around the OR is likely causing poor patient outcomes and may be liable for medical malpractice.

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