Distracted Medical Staff and Personal Injury: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

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New York Medical Malpractice Shares Information on Distracted Medical Staff Causing Personal Injuries

You have heard of distracted drivers, right?  Some studies say distracted driving is more dangerous than drunk driving!  Distracted drivers usually mean cell phone use, but could also be food, radio, and talking with passengers.  So what about distracted medical staff? Could medical professionals like doctors, nurses, nursing home staff, and other healthcare professionals get distracted too?  Could these distractions cause serious personal injuries due to New York medical malpractice?


Do Healthcare Providers Get Distracted on the Job?

Healthcare providers can absolutely get distracted.  They could suffer the same long-shift boredom that some of us endure.  Others use their cell phone when they should be monitoring patients in the PACU or even during a surgery.  They could even get distracted while they are supposed to be guarding patients in nursing homes and monitoring them.  Other time patients could be injured when healthcare providers are reading, texting, or on their phones.

What Are Some Common Distractions That Health Workers Experience?

Healthcare providers could also be distracted by the same things that distract drivers.  This includes eating on meal shift when the provider needs to be monitoring patients.  During lunch breaks a floor has less staff on it, meaning that staff needs to guard their own patients or cover other patients.  Other times it is so busy that a meal break cannot actually be had, thus staff eats at their desk or little space.  This could also result in serious personal injuries to a patient who is neglected.

Other times healthcare staff could be playing with radio or other devices in the hospital or facility.  Staff could also be talking to other patients or staff for a period that is too long and leave other patients susceptible to serious injury.  Distractions in the workplace is one thing, but distractions when a healthcare provider is supposed to be caring for a person is another thing that cannot be overlooked.  Distracted medical staff could be New York medical malpractice and even lead to wrongful death.

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