Doctors Remove Patient’s Healthy Kidneys in Cancer Misdiagnosis Case

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Cancer Misdiagnosis Case Alert: Doctors Remove Patient’s Healthy Kidneys

In a shocking case, our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer shares a story about Linda Woolley.  She was diagnosed with “likely” kidney cancer in March of 2018.  The otherwise healthcare 73-year-old woman underwent surgery to remove both organs in May.  However, the post-operative tests revealed that she did NOT have cancer, there was actually no malignancy at all.  Nothing wrong with her kidneys!

 As a result, she was forced to undergo 4 hours of dialysis for three days a week.  She ultimately went into fatal cardiac arrest—likely from the trauma to her body.  No cancer has been found in her body.  She was devastated by the mistake and wanted the hospital to give her a kidney since they “owe[d]” her one.  Before her untimely death, she said how horrible and devastating it was for her to be on dialysis, and the immunpsuppressing drugs she would have to take.  Even though there was a mistake, she was not able to get preference on the kidney donation list which could take 7-10 years.

This is a horrible cause of medical malpractice.  Issues since as proper pre-operative testing and corroborating evidence should have been done.  Stronger and better tests were needed.  Taking both kidneys out of a patient is their life source, and it is a major procedure which should not be done lightly.  Especially for an elderly patient, which will decrease the quality of her life significantly.  The surgery itself is incredibly risky and all avenues should have bene explored.  It is unclear whether there were pre-operative biopsies performed and what the results were.

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