Esophageal Perforations and Albany Medical Malpractice

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Most of us have heard of a bowel perforation before, commonly in discussion with a colonoscopy which is botched.  But very few people have likely heard of an esophageal perforation.  This is a type of perforation to the throat, specifically the bottom part known as the esophagus.  This is where the food and drink goes down into your stomach, not where the trachea goes into the lungs to give air.  Thus, the esophagus is a very important.  This is why providers must be very careful with the esophagus, and injuries to the esophagus or an esophageal perforation could be due to Albany medical malpractice.

Injuries are also rare.  This is because the esophagus is a very solid, muscular, and tough structure.  But that does not mean it is invulnerable.  Injuries to the esophagus, even though rare, are very devastating.  And they take a fair amount of medical mistakes, errors, and damage to result in the damage which results in an esophageal perforation.

The most common way that an esophageal perforation occurs is during an endoscopy.  This is like a colonoscopy, but it goes down into your throat and down into your stomach.  The purpose is to look for tumors, ulcers, and other digestive or structural issues.  It could also be used to look for lodged food or material in the stomach lining or esophagus, like a bone.  

But when an endoscopy goes down too aggressively or is pulled up improperly, it can result in very serious injury to a person’s esophagus.  These damages can be life threatening because it prevents a person from properly drinking or eating.  It can also allow for fluids to fill around the lungs and heart which can cause a massive bacterial infection.  An infection here can be quickly fatal and life threatening, all due to Albany medical malpractice.

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