Eye Surgery Errors and Negligence: Horrible New York Medical Malpractice


Understanding Eye Surgery Errors and Negligence: Our Kingston Medical Malpractice Shares Important Information

We have all heard of LASIK eye surgery.  This is just one type of eye surgery which is commonly performed.  There are so many other types of eye surgeries which can be used to help prevent and treat disease, help restore vision, or repair damage to the eye.  Most of the time these surgeries are fantastic and performed well, with excellent results.  Unfortunately, not all surgeries go well.  Sometimes this is natural risk of a surgery, other times this is due to New York medical malpractice.  That is, careless, reckless, and even negligent care during a surgery could result in serious personal injuries to the eye.

And serious injuries to the eye are usually horrible.  They can result in permanent loss of vision and damage.  It could also result in optic nerve damage, which means that the nerve which sends images from the eye to the optical lobe of the brain (which processes those images) is damaged.  This can result in a myriad of visual disabilities, including loss of vision, black and white vision, and only seeing shadows or other uncolored images.

New York medical malpractice involving eye surgery can be caused in a variety of ways.  These ways can due to mistakes during the surgery such as improper uses of the knife or laser, or failing to keep the eye protected and moist during a procedure, or improper following sterilization protocol which results in a massive infection.  Eye surgeries are really susceptible to eye surgeries and can be particularly damaging, easily leading to blindness.

If you have eye surgery and a surgeon causes serious personal injuries, shouldn’t you be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages for your New York medical malpractice?  ABSOLUTELY!

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