Eyesight Injuries from New York Medical Malpractice

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Understanding Eyesight Injuries Caused From New York Medical Malpractice

New York medical malpractice can cause a lot of serious injuries.  This includes injuries from surgical errors or organ damage, but it can also cause other serious injuries.  This includes eyesight injuries.  Eyesight injuries could be caused by a variety of different ways.  This includes actual surgical mistakes, but also failures to monitor a patient properly during the surgery.  These injuries could result in permanent eyesight injuries.  This could damage a person’s eyesight horribly and not be repairable.  

There are many reasons why this could occur.  This includes the following:

  • Errors during an eye surgery, which include cutting improperly, using wrong tools, improper skill, or making mistakes in administrating medications or techniques to perform the eye surgery;
  • Overdosing on anesthesia;
  • Failure to monitor blood pressure;
  • Failing to guard against a brain bleed, or failing to monitor a brain bleed;
  • Putting objects on the eyes during a procedure by mistake;
  • Leaning on a patient’s face by mistake;
  • Dropping an object on a patient’s eyes;
  • Not maintaining proper perfusion; and
  • Other types of injuries.

Eyesight injuries are some of the worst types of injuries because they are painful and can completely debilitate a person.  This is because they can prevent a person from performing his or her normal and customary activities.  If you or a loved one have suffered eyesight injuries from New York medical malpractice, the damage could be permanent.  It could affect a person’s job, career, ability to drive, and every other facet of a person’s life.  Eyesight injuries are very serious and damaging for this reason.

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