Gastric Bypass Errors Caused by New York Medical Malpractice:

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Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Gastric Bypass Errors

Gastric bypass is a rather extensive surgery used for weight loss.  It is generally accepted as a safe and effective surgery too.  However, this does not mean that there are not complications or the risk of New York medical malpractice.  These procedures are complicated and there are a lot of risky parts of the surgery which must be competently performed to avoid causing serious injury or wrongful death to a patient.  It is important that patients who may have suffered severe or catastrophic complications consult with a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer to learn how to protect their rights to compensation.

Most Common Bariatric Surgery and Gastric Bypass

There are several types bariatric surgeries which involve bands, cutting and reshaping, balloons, and other devices.  The most common and generally accepted type is called the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.  This is where a surgeon crates a small pocket at the top of the stomach for food to collect.  The small intestines are then cut and reshaped into a Y that connect to the newly created, small pocket stomach.  This works by bypassing parts of the digestive system which absorb calories and by shrinking the pocket of the stomach to allow less food to come in.

Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The most common risks for any type of abdominal surgery, especially a gastric bypass surgery, is infection.  This could be caused by improper procedures during the surgery, including failing to properly sterilize equipment and tools.  Infections could also come from improper cutting and reshaping of the small intestine and stomach.  An incomplete connection or a little gap could result in a leak of caustic and filthy stomach contents.  This could result in horrific and catastrophic infections which are life threatening.

If you or a loved one have suffered from a gastric bypass with severe complications, call our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer to learn what rights you may have.  After all, surgeons should be liable for these mistakes—shouldn’t they?

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