Holiday Hour Medical Malpractice: A Real Problem This Year with Easter and Passover

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Just like you, healthcare providers also want to have certain holidays off.  Easter is one of the holiest holidays for many Americans, and it coincides with Passover which is another important and holy holiday.  This means that many medical staff will fight for how gets days off this weekend, just how many other service providers like police officers, electric company staff, and restaurant workers.

And just like those holidays, choosing these days off comes down to a pecking order.  Meaning that the people with the most seniority are generally going to get these holidays off to be with family, while smaller holidays like President’s Day (while still important! But less with family) are going to be pushed to new staff members.

This means that major holidays, like this weekend with Easter and Passover, take many of the most experience, senior healthcare providers away from patients.  This means the newer, less experienced and perhaps less competent staff must fend for themselves in the hospitals and healthcare offices.  This also means that patients have less-experienced and able staff to treat them.  While many times this may not be much of a problem, with more complicated injuries or more serious injuries, it is likely that patients may not get the proper care and treatment that they are entitled to.

In fact, it could result in very serious personal injuries.  Many inexperienced staff may fail to be as thorough or have the knowledge necessary to properly gave for patients.  For instance, victims of serious car accidents may have many broken bones that are shattered and split into many pieces.  There may be serious organ damage and internal bleeding.  And there may be significant lacerations causing extreme bleeding.  Inexperienced healthcare staff may simply not know how to handle all of these injuries to prevent wrongful death or serious injury to a patient because the most experienced staff is home for the holidays.

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