Hospital Anesthesia Errors Due to New York Medical Malpractice

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How New York Medical Malpractice Causes Hospital Anesthesia Errors

There are many ways that anesthesia errors could be caused and do damage to a patient.  Practically every time will be an error due to New York medical malpractice.  This is because anesthesia errors are something that should be very controlled and in a very deliberate manner.  Meaning that the anesthesia needs to be carefully measured, administered, and monitored.  When there are careless or reckless mistakes, the failure to do this will result in serious personal injury.  

That is because anesthesia is a powerful cocktail of at least three drugs which are meant to paralysis, block pain, and render a patient conscious.  Any miscalculation of these drugs could have disastrous results.  It could lead to very serious personal injuries, including brain damage, as well as the wrongful death of a patient.  This is horrible New York medical malpractice.

In addition, when a hospital fails to properly incubate a patient under anesthesia, the patient could have a lack of oxygen and suffocate.  This could result in a hypoxic injury which could become completely debilitating, or it could even become fatal.

Significant hospital errors like anesthesia errors are horrible.  Patients simply should not be harmed by them, but unfortunately they are.  They are serious hurt by them almost every day.  These are errors which are devastating and damaging.  People could be killed by a hospital’s anesthesia error which could be due to New York medical malpractice that should never happen.

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