Hospital Falls Could be New York Medical Malpractice: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


Understanding Hospital Falls in New York: Our Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Why Hospital Falls May be New York Medical Malpractice

At first glance, a hospital fall may seem to be a negligence type of case.  Most people consider it to be a slip and fall, trip and fall, and other premises liability issue.  Actually, if you are not a lawyer you likely may consider a hospital fall as an accident.  Maybe even your own fault.  But a hospital fall may not only be due to the hospital’s mistakes in keeping its premises reasonably safe, but it may be New York medical malpractice.  Yes, New York medical malpractice in a hospital fall!  Our Albany medical malpractice lawyers explains why.

Hospital Falls Could be New York Medical Malpractice

A hospital fall can absolutely be negligence in a slip and fall/trip and fall manner, but it can also be New York medical malpractice.  This is because certain patients may be classified as a “fall risk.”  A fall risk patient is a patient who has been deemed to have certain co-morbidities, disabilities, or other risk factors which may greatly contribute to that resident falling.  This includes residents who:

  • Are recovering from any surgery;
  • Have leg, foot, knee, hip, or lower back injuries;
  • Who are experiencing dizziness, vertigo, or headaches;
  • Coming out of anesthesia after surgery;
  • On powerful pain medication or other drugs which contribute to falling;
  • Have fallen before or recently;
  • Who have pins and needles, numbness, or tingling of the legs or feet; and
  • Other risks.

If a patient has these warning signs, he or she is likely to be deemed a fall risk.  Fall risk patients need to be guarded against falling down.  If a hospital fails to guard against a fall for these patients, the hospital may be liable for the personal injuries or even the wrongful death of a patient.  This is because the hospital is to guard and protect vulnerable patients and ensure that they are not exposed to the risk of injury.  

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