There are many different procedures involved in filing a lawsuit or claim for a birth injury. It can be easy to make a mistake or forget to file something. Taking proactive measures by learning about the common mistakes in Hudson Valley birth injury cases could help a person succeed in court. Contact a compassionate birth injury attorney who understands the importance of following proper protocols and guidelines. They could review the factors surrounding your case and work to identify effective legal solutions.

Determining a Birth Injury Claim’s Validity

With a variety of factors involved in determining a birth injury claim’s validity, it can be difficult to decipher whether a person has a claim or not. In some cases, a person may assume the birth injury was genetic or natural to the child’s genetic code. However, a skilled attorney who is well-versed in birth injury cases could help identify if the injuries were due to a failure in properly treating the mother during labor and delivery or whether the injuries were truly genetic. A lawyer might suggest undergoing certain metabolic and genetic tests which may assist in determining whether any of the baby’s injuries or disability was caused by genetic abnormalities. This is one way of reducing the chance that a person may dismiss their ability to file a birth injury claim. Reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney who can outline some of the common mistakes in Hudson Valley birth injury cases.

Identifying and Preventing Other Mistakes

In addition to blood tests, there are other ways that individuals could avoid making those same mistakes in the future. One type of brain damage which frequently occurs in birth injury cases is kernicterus. When a child is born, physicians generally draw blood from the baby to determine the level of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a toxin or a poison processed by the baby’s liver. Often times the liver is not able to process bilirubin as it should. That is dangerous because if the bilirubin is not processed, it could go into the brain, cross the brain barrier, and go into the basal ganglia, which is the base of the baby’s brain.

This toxic injury to the brain is typically caused because the doctor–in this case, a pediatrician–is not responding appropriately to the elevated levels of bilirubin. For example, they draw blood from the newborn and notice that the bilirubin is at a certain level it could place the baby at a high risk for developing a condition called hyperbilirubinemia. This means that child may need treatment for excessive bilirubin and typically should be tested again in 24 hours. A course of treatment may include the child being placed under phototherapy lights to reduce jaundice and help process the bilirubin away from their body. When such precaution or treatment is not completed and the medical staff was aware of the health risks when the injury occurred, there may be a viable claim for a birth injury.

Inquire About Frequent Mistakes in Hudson Valley Birth Injury Cases

If your newborn suffered a devastating injury because a medical professional failed to recognize the signs of their distress during delivery, consider learning about the common mistakes in Hudson Valley birth injury cases. Call a reliable birth injury attorney and arrange for an appointment to begin discussing your potential legal options. A dedicated lawyer could help you hold the negligent party responsible.