Across the nation, hundreds of people receive the wrong medical procedure every month in spite of complex and redundant systems of checks to ensure each patient gets the correct operation. Receiving the wrong procedure could cause additional pain and suffering, increase your medical expenses, and even put you at a higher risk of death.

Medical professionals and facilities must be held accountable for their mistakes. Hiring a skilled Hudson Valley wrong procedure lawyer may enable you to pursue monetary compensation for your damages. A skilled attorney who is practiced in this area of law is familiar with the tactics large medical corporations and their lawyers might use to avoid taking responsibility for their harmful errors.

How do Patients Receive Wrong Procedures?

Wrong procedures often occur due to poor communication amongst the medical team, distractions, or rushing the procedure without performing necessary checks. All patients who enter the hospital or a physician’s office for a procedure are owed a duty of care. This care must correlate to the prudent care other medical professionals in the same area of medicine would give in a similar situation.

Giving the Wrong Procedure is a Breach of Duty

Before any procedure, each medical professional involved should take time to verify that they are performing the correct procedure on the correct patient. Additionally, when they are doing the procedure, they must be extremely attentive to the task at hand to avoid an error. Any deviation from best practice may constitute a breach of duty.

Patients who receive a wrong procedure might want to consult with a wrong procedure lawyer in Hudson Valley to determine if their case meets the elements of negligence and justice may be achievable.

Liability in Hudson Valley Wrong Procedure Cases

Breaching a duty of care creates a liability. Medical professionals who breach their duty, causing injury and damage to the patient, may be found liable and owe a monetary award to the patient with the help of a Hudson Valley wrong procedure attorney.

How is Liability in a Hudson Valley Wrong Procedure Case Affected by Multiple Defendants?

When there are multiple defendants in a case, the jury will determine the percentage of liability of each party per New York Civil Practice & Law Rules § 4011a. Each party will then owe an award to the plaintiff proportional to their liability. Typically, defendants in a malpractice lawsuit are individually liable for their portion of damages to the plaintiff.

Contact a Dedicated Hudson Valley Wrong Procedure Attorney

Patients who receive the wrong procedure deserve justice for their suffering, and their families should not have to pay for the damages incurred as a result of medical negligence. Hospitals and medical professionals are quick to defend their innocence, and when they do offer settlements, they are often lower offers than the plaintiff could receive with the help of a dedicated Hudson Valley wrong procedure lawyer.

If you received a wrong procedure at the hands of trusted medical staff, you may need help from a lawyer who understands these cases. Schedule your case consultation today to start pursuing justice and compensation.