Hypoxic Injuries to Newborns Due to New York Medical Malpractice

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Understanding Hypoxic Injuries to Newborns Due to New York Medical Malpractice: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains 

Our children are precious.  Unfortunately, some busy emergency departments/emergency rooms, OB-GYN wards, hospitals, and other healthcare provider offices fail to always treat them as precious.  Hypoxic injuries are one of the largest cases of New York medical malpractice and birth injuries to a newborn.  A hypoxic injury is caused by a lack of oxygen to the baby which results in damage to the baby’s organs and body, usually to the brain which is incredibly sensitive at this age and stage of development.  When New York medical malpractice cases a severe hypoxic injury to a newborn, please call our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer to learn what rights you and your loved one may have.

Causes of Hypoxic Injuries to Newborns Which Could be New York Medical Malpractice

There are many ways that a newborn could suffer a hypoxic injury.  Usually, hypoxic injuries are caused during the labor and delivery process.  But in certain circumstances, hypoxic injuries could be caused in the weeks and even months leading up to labor.  While some of these causes may be unavoidable, many times these causes are completely avoidable and, in fact, should be detected and competently treated by medical staff.

Some common causes of hypoxic injuries to newborns caused by New York medical malpractice and birth injuries includes the following:

  • Excessive contractions (this causes pressure on the umbilical cord, which means a decrease in oxygen to the baby which causes the hypoxic condition);
  • Umbilical cord prolapse or rupture (when the umbilical cord is compromised in a manner which results in it prolapsing or rupturing, the baby is now receiving a significantly lower—or none at all—flow of blood from the mother, which translates into less of a flow of oxygen to the baby);
  • Improper use of prenatal drugs or labor inducing drugs, including overdoses (when overdoses occur during the labor and delivery process, it can result in catastrophic injury to the baby which can alter the flow of oxygen to the baby, and also the quality of the oxygen, i.e., the oxygen may be polluted with the drugs and nearly unusable to the baby);
  • Poor positioning of the baby in the birth canal;
  • Failing to timely clear the baby’s airway after birth;
  • Dropping the baby during the birthing process; and
  • Many other common causes.

When a newborn suffers hypoxic injuries due to New York medical malpractice, a family should contact an experienced Kingston birth injury lawyer to learn what rights to compensation he or she may have.  Families are entitles to compensation to help them treat and care for their precious loved one and ensure the baby can have the most normal life he or she can live with whatever injuries the hypoxic condition causes.

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