Infections After Surgery Due to New York Medical Malpractice

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New York Medical Malpractice Causing Infections After Surgery

You may have heard or been told before, sometimes many times before, that an infection after a surgery is a common risk.  Indeed, an infection after a surgery is completely common!  Even the jab of the flu shot comes with the known and accepted risk of an infection at the infection site.  And this will be a common excuse told to you by medical professionals after you sustain an infection that this was a known risk.  A healthcare provider may even tell you while you are being treated or after you suffer another surgery or even an amputation that the infection causing this was a normal and accepted risk.  So could it be New York medical malpractice to get an infection after a surgery?


For two main reasons.  The first is that the proper procedures and infection protocol were not followed.  What does this mean?  That equipment was properly sterilized, that the surgeon and surgical team was properly scrubbed in, that the proper surgical procedure was used (i.e., avoiding incisions and damage to parts of the body that could be contaminated with bacteria like the intestines), and even just sterilization of the room.  Signs that an infection caused by these mistakes could be due that you contracted a rare infection or an infection like HIV, HEP C, or another condition that is blood/tissue transferred (i.e., not sterilized equipment).  If you were diagnosed with MRSA it could be a sign that you have a hospital acquired infection due to improper cleaning.  These are indications that these types of infections are not normal if they hospital properly sterilized the area and your surgical site.

Second, if the surgery was delayed in diagnosis that is also not a common risk.  Said differently, while you DO consent to the risk of infection being present in a surgery, you do NOT consent to the misdiagnosis of that infection.  Thus, you could acquire an infection due to the surgery.  That is a normal risk.  But you do not accept the fact that this infection was misdiagnosed by the doctor or hospital staff, that is not a normal risk of surgery.

Did you sustain an infection after a surgery?  It could be New York medical malpractice, especially if you developed sepsis!  Shouldn’t hospitals and healthcare providers be liable for these mistakes?  Absolutely!

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