Is it New York Medical Malpractice to Get the Wrong Type of Chemotherapy? Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

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Receiving the Wrong Type of Chemotherapy: Our Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Why It Could be New York Medical Malpractice

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is a very troubling and difficult time in your life and for that I apologize you are doing through this.  You deserve the very best treatment to help treat this nasty condition.  Most of the time, patients will receive this care and treatment that they deserve.  However, unfortunately, some patients will get bad treatment.  Sometimes this bad treatment can be caused by reckless, careless, and slopping healthcare providers.  One type of mistakes is when a healthcare provider administers the wrong type of chemotherapy for you, or orders the wrong type fo chemotherapy for your condition.  Could this actually be an actionable medical mistakes?  Our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer explains why this could be serious New York medical malpractice.

Cancers are Not All the Same: Yes, Receiving the Wrong Type of Chemotherapy Could be New York Medical Malpractice

You may think that all cancers are the same.  After all, they have the same script in their DNA to continuously multiple in the body.  This results in a severe disruption and can kill a patient.  But this does not mean that all cancers are the same and that call cancers get the same chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy itself is just a class of drugs.  There are many different types of chemo drugs which do different things.  Certain chemos are used to attack certain cancers in specific ways.  But most of the time, as with nearly all forms of chemotherapy, there will be reactions.  These reactions take the form of side effects.  Most chemotherapy drugs have different side effects, risks, and triggers how they will attack your cancer.  

Thus, your healthcare provider needs to properly choose the right chemotherapy for your cancer which attacks that cancer in an aggressive way, and the side effects are manageable for that cancer.  For instance, using the wrong chemotherapy for a type of cancer could result in a risk of infections.  If the cancer you have commonly causes infections, using the wrong chemo drug which causes infections could be deadly.  Similarly, if you have a cancer which can quickly spread if your immune system drops (such as certain blood cancers), using the wrong chemo drug which causes your immunity to drop can also be deadly.

In addition, the side effects of the wrong chemo could mix poorly when you start to get the proper chemo.  A common injury is to the peripheral nervous system due to the caustic nature of chemo drugs.  This can result in horrific pain and suffering, as well as prolonged damage and even paralysis.

Thus, if you receive the wrong chemotherapy drug, you may have a claim for New York medical malpractice and should consult with our Kingston medical malpractice lawyer.  Healthcare providers who give the wrong chemotherapy drugs should be liable for your injuries due to their mistakes.  

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