Killed by a New York Hospital’s Negligence: Wrongful Death Due to Medical Malpractice

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While hospitals are places that heal, and for the most part they do that, unfortunately there are instances where hospitals fail to protect us.  They fail to uphold what a reasonably prudent healthcare provider would do.  They fail to guard use against careless, reckless, and negligent conduct in the course of our care and treatment.  These errors can result in a patient’s wrongful death.

There are many ways that a New York hospital’s medical malpractice could result in the wrongful death of a patient.  Here are some common examples:

Delaying or misdiagnosing heart attacks – A heart attack is a medical emergency.  When treatment is delayed either by neglect or misdiagnosis, a patient’s body is suffering damage.  Even a partial block will cause the heart to build scar tissue which could result in a catastrophic rupture at any time.  Other heart attacks with full blockages will quickly bring death.

Failing to diagnose and treat a stroke – A stroke is another major medical emergency that must be quickly diagnosed and treated.  Many times a stroke can be diagnosed WITHOUT the need for a medical degree!  Simple “smile tests” can be used to check if a stroke is occurring.

Birth injuries – Hypoxic birth injuries, or injuries caused by the lack of oxygen to a baby, can result in serious personal injuries and wrongful death.  This is because a newborn is particularly vulnerable to hypoxic injuries and the lack of oxygen.  If wrongful death does not occur, a traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy is likely.

Cancer misdiagnosis – Cancer must be treated aggressively and properly.  We all know this.  Any delay in treating cancer is just allowed it to feature and grow stronger, which can cause the wrongful death of a patient.

Hospital infections – Any misdiagnosed infection can be fatal and result in sepsis.  Hospital acquired infections are commonly “superbugs” and antibiotic resistant, such as MRSA.  These have a high mortality rate and can cause the wrongful death of a patient.

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