How Kingston Medical Malpractice Can Result in Burn Injuries to Patients

Burn Injuries

When we think of medical malpractice, we do not necessarily think of burns.  But burns can be caused by many different types of Kingston medical malpractice.  They can be caused by many different types of healthcare providers, not just doctors or surgeons, but also by nurses, dentists, and support staff.  These burns can also be caused by many different manners, not just open fire like you may be thinking but also friction or chemical burns.  

Burns to a patient undergoing a procedure are very dangerous because patients are not able to put out the fire most times because they are anesthetized.  This means patients rely on doctors to both not cause fires, or to put them out in time.  This can be serious mistrust when a fire occurs.

There are many causes of surgical burns and fires which could harm patients in New York.  These include the following causes of burn injuries:

  • Cauterizing errors – yes, actual fire and heat is the first thing you think of and it is a serious issue.  Cauterizing has been a great technological advancement even though it has been around for centuries!  The tools today can get very hot in just a small space to limit damage.  But during a surgery which uses may different types of anesthesia and antibacterial prep wipes, a heated tool that could cause a fire due to the accelerants on the body.  This can cause damaging fires.
  • Friction burns – this could happen to any physician using a tool which spins, like a drill.  This means that surgeons placing screws or even dentists could cause friction burns from the side of a drill which rubs against a patient.  This can cause very serious burns, including even third degree burns if it is not caught properly.
  • Chemical burns – many drugs and medications used are very caustic, like chemotherapy.  Spilling these materials or accidentally wrapping them under a bandage on a patient could result in a serious chemical burn.  Other commonly used topical like alcohol pads could also cause burns if used improperly, too often, on sensitive skin, or even pressed against a patient’s body too long (under bandages or left in clothing overnight).

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