Fetal distress is a medical term meaning that a baby is not getting enough oxygen during pregnancy or labor. Many factors can cause the condition, including umbilical cord compression and placental abruption. Symptoms such as decreased baby movement could be signs of a serious condition that should alert physicians and other medical professionals to take action promptly.

When you believe a healthcare provider’s negligence caused your baby harm, you must hold them accountable with help from an experienced Kingston fetal distress lawyer. John Fisher is a knowledgeable birth injury attorney who could guide you through the process and fight for your rights to reach a favorable outcome.

Signs of Fetal Distress

Some typical signs of fetal distress that parents and providers should watch for include:

  • Fluid leakage
  • Lack of fetal growth
  • Abnormal heart patterns
  • Low amniotic fluid levels
  • A sudden decrease in fetal movement
  • High levels of lactate in the baby’s blood
  • Extended periods without feeling the baby move
  • Severe abdominal pain with or without vaginal bleeding

The lack of oxygen the baby is receiving can cause severe brain injuries, leading to permanent disabilities or death. A Kingston fetal distress attorney could help determine whether there is evidence to establish liability and provide sound legal advice throughout the process.

Failure to Recognize Fetal Distress Lawsuit

Medical professionals who fail to recognize the signs of complications, including fetal distress, could face severe legal implications. Healthcare providers undergo extensive training to learn how to monitor the baby’s heart rate and watch for other symptoms that could indicate a medical emergency. When a doctor or nurse fails to recognize the severity of signs indicating problems and does not take action, there may be cause to file a lawsuit when patients suffer harm.

Acceptable Standards of Care

Medical malpractice suits must establish that a certified healthcare provider’s actions deviated from the acceptable standards of care and caused the patient harm. The standards encompass the level of professionalism, skill, and care that another competent healthcare professional in the same or similar fields of medicine would provide under similar circumstances.

Certificate of Due Diligence and Merit

Those petitioning the court to commence legal action for medical malpractice must file a Certificate of Merit at the time of filing or within 90 days. Per the rules provided by the New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 3012-a, a lawyer must prepare the certificate stating one of the following:

  • They thoroughly reviewed the facts of the case and consulted with at least one physician practicing in the same or similar areas of medicine and concluded there is reasonable cause for a medical malpractice suit
  • While they investigated the case specifics to determine merit for legal action, they were unable to meet the consultation with a medical professional requirement despite making a minimum of three attempts with different physicians

The certificate is unnecessary when a plaintiff pursues damages from a medical professional without legal representation. However, all personal injury cases are complex, particularly those involving medical malpractice. A fetal distress lawyer in Kingston understands the processes, procedures, and acceptable standards of care and could handle the necessary legal work.

Speak to an Experienced Fetal Distress Attorney in Kingston Today

You have the legal right to hold a physician or other healthcare provider financially responsible when they fail to act and harm your baby. Certified healthcare professionals must adhere to the level of care requirements while treating every patient and providing the appropriate treatment based on their training and professional guidelines.

A compassionate Kingston fetal distress lawyer could take on the legal work and filings while fighting for a fair outcome inside and outside the courtroom. Call soon to make an appointment for more information and a case review.