When a patient has difficulty breathing or undergoes specific surgical procedures, they may be intubated. Intubation is when a tube is inserted into a patient’s airway. While these procedures are often successful and devoid of complications, in some cases, the intubation process may lead to severe injuries. If you are a victim of an intubation error, reach out to a skilled Kingston intubation complications lawyer to start pursuing the compensation you need and the justice you deserve. A seasoned surgical error attorney could provide you with legal guidance and help you assess your legal options.

What is The Intubation Process and How Could it Go Wrong?

During intubation, the medical professional will insert a tube through a patient’s mouth or nose. Intubation may be performed to remove airway blockages, assist a patient with a respiratory condition such as a collapsed lung, and opening the airway to administer medicine, anesthesia, or oxygen. Often, intubations are performed in emergency medical situations when a patient is severely ill or injured, and sometimes unable to give informed consent.

Endotracheal Intubation

Endotracheal intubation is the most common type and is generally used in cases of acute respiratory failure. The process involves the insertion of a plastic endotracheal tube into the patient’s windpipe. Through endotracheal intubation, the lungs are ventilated by artificial means, allowing a patient to receive adequate oxygen and dispel carbon dioxide.

Improper or Negligent Intubation

Intubation is a skill-intensive procedure and while intubation presents unique challenges in some cases, intubation failures often stem from malpractice errors such as:

  • Failure to properly asses a patient’s airway
  • Not identifying landmarks or having an unnecessary intubation delay
  • Poor understanding of how to use a surgical blade
  • Placing the tube in the esophagus rather than the airway
  • Poor understanding of the mechanics of a tracheal tube and proper delivery

Intubation Injuries

Intubation errors could cause a wide range of injuries and complications for a patient, such as the following:

  • Insufficient ventilation
  • Dislocation of the cervical spine
  • Cardiac errors
  • Infection or pneumonia
  • Scar or injury from tube removal
  • Vocal cord, throat soft tissue, or teeth damage
  • Collapsed or injured lung
  • Nerve damage

Oxygen must be continuously delivered to the body, and without it, permanent brain damage and death could occur rapidly. Negligent intubation could also result in injuries like hypoxia and stroke. When a patient suffers any of these complications, they may wish to consult with a Kingston intubation complications attorney who could help determine whether negligence contributed to their injuries.

Damages from Intubation Complications

In New York, victims of medical malpractice may pursue two forms of damages. The first is economic damages, which include compensation for quantifiable monetary losses such as lost wages and past and future medical bills.

The second type is non-economic damages which cover intangible losses such as pain and suffering. An intubation complication lawyer in Kingston could help an injured patient assess an appropriate damages compensation amounts based on the evidence in their case.

Are There Time Limitations to File an Intubation Malpractice Lawsuit in Kingston?

As outlined under New York Civil Practice Law and Rules §214-A, medical malpractice victims must commence a lawsuit claiming damages within two years and six months of the alleged incident. Generally, if the victim does not file their lawsuit before the statutory deadline, they may be barred from recovering compensation. Working with an attorney could ensure that all claims are filed in time.

A Kingston Intubation Complications Attorney Could Represent You

If you have suffered an intubation complication because of a medical professional’s negligence, you may be entitled to damages. An attorney could help you understand how to protect your rights and seek to hold negligent medical providers accountable for harm that they cause. Call a Kingston intubation complications lawyer today for more information about your legal rights and to start pursuing your case.