Legal Reform Advocates Blame New York for High Medical Malpractice Rates

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Here is a ridiculous article that legal reform advocates point to medical malpractice figures in New York and Pennsylvania as the blame for high medical liability insurance.  Tom Stebbins, executive director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, told Legal Newsline that “New Yorkers once again pay more for medical liability than anywhere in America” and “[s]adly, Albany recently made matters worst by approving legislation that expands liability and makes it easier to file lawsuits.”

Wait what?  Is he for real?!

He’s talking about Lavern’s Law, which holds physicians accountable for MISDIAGNOSING CANCER.  If the physicians did not misdiagnose cancer, there would be no lawsuit.

In fact, according to statistics, PREVENTABLE MEDICAL ERRORS killed more Americans than ANY OTHER cause of death except for cancer and heart disease.  The high range of medical malpractice causing wrongful deaths of Americans is 440,000 a year—A YEAR!

That is more than:

  • Lung disease;
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Car accidents;
  • Slip and falls;
  • Labor accidents;
  • Poisonings; and
  • Diabetes.

COMBINED!  Yes, that entire list COMBINED, is less than medical malpractice

Whoa?  And it is the VICTIM’S FAULT!  What would happen if someone blamed a rape victim for the crime?  THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.

Do you know what else medical malpractice has more deaths of?

Medical malpractice EACH YEAR, kills more than:

  • US troops in Vietnam (we lost 58,000 in the MULTI YEAR conflict);
  • US troops in the Korean War (we lost 33,000 in a multi-year war);
  • WWI killed almost 1/4 of US troops than medical malpractice does each year, at 116,000 US troops lost;
  • WWII resulted in the loss of approximately 418,500 US troops and civilians, which is still LESS than medical malpractice (by approximately all of the Korean War casualties!).

It is absolutely ridiculous to blame victims of medical malpractice for filing lawsuits to be compensated when doctors keep KILLING PEOPLE.

Don’t blame the victim, blame the criminal.

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