Medication Overdoses by Doctors! Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains this Deadly New York Medical Malpractice

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When Doctors Cause Medication Overdoses Due to New York Medical Malpractice: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

We all know about drug overdoses, but usually we think about the present opioid epidemic, street drugs, or even criminals.  Our Albany medical malpractice lawyer knows that very few people think of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and hospitals or other healthcare providers causing drug overdoses.  Yet, when New York medical malpractice results in a medication overdose, that could lead to very serious, permanent, and even fatal injuries.  Yes, a doctor’s medication overdose could kill a patient.

Understanding Medication Overdoses From our Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medication overdose caused by a healthcare provider like a doctor could occur for several reasons, almost all are due to New York medical malpractice.  For instance, some of the common reasons include the following:

  • Miscommunication between the doctor and the nurse;
  • Miscalculation by the doctor;
  • Failure to check for drug interactions;
  • Errors in administrating the medication (i.e., too fast, too slow, too frequent, etc.);
  • Improperly writing the prescription or dosage;
  • Mixing up patients;
  • Mixing up scrips for in-hospital (i.e., IV and immediate under the care of a doctor, or at-home and not under care);
  • Improperly dosing a patient;
  • Failing to consider comorbidities like blood pressure or diabetes; and
  • Many other causes.

When there has been a medication overdose, it can cause very serious damage to a patient.  The most common damage is to the brain, which is vulnerable to caustic drugs and medications which are over-prescribed.  These can have significant ramifications on a person’s health because nerves and blood vessels could be permanently damaged.

After a medication error due to New York medical malpractice, a doctor or healthcare provider may blame a patient as the victim of an accident.  The doctor may even say the patient intentionally overdosed or failed to follow directions.  But our Albany medical malpractice lawyer knows that this is just a common bait-and-switch defense that is used to create a chilling effect on a patient who might seek remedies in court.  

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