Misdiagnosed Infections in New York: Serious Albany Medical Malpractice

Infections, Misdiagnosis

Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Serious Misdiagnosed Infections Due to New York Medical Malpractice

Probably for as long as you can remember you have been told to not pick a scab or to clean a wound really well, both to avoid infection.  It is a true fact of life that you may get an infection several times a year, likely just a cold or maybe just a runny nose.  Maybe you had a wound infection which can be more painful and damaging.  These are minor issues and maybe just inconveniences.  However, when you have a major infection it could result in very serious damages, permanent injury, and horrific pain and suffering.  This is why the failure to diagnose an infection or misdiagnosed infections can be New York medical malpractice which should be assessed by an experienced Albany medical malpractice lawyer.

Types of Serious Infections that Are Deadly When Misdiagnosed 

Possibly one of the deadliest infections that could really cause significant damage to a victim is a bacterial meningitis infection.  This is the classic type of infection wherein a patient cannot touch his or her chin to the chest.  Full symptoms can come on within 24 hours or less, and wrongful death can occur just after that if treatment is not started promptly.  This is way a misdiagnosis of meningitis can result in New York medical malpractice.

Other types of infection misdiagnoses which could be catastrophic include bowel perforations, esophageal perforations, MRSA infections, STI/STD infections in expecting mothers, any infection in a baby, any brain infection, C-Diff infections in the stomach, and many other types of infections.

If a doctor fails to diagnose an infection, even a minor infection, it could result in very serious personal injuries or wrongful death. This could cause catastrophic pain and suffering before causing a death too, making it even more horrific of a case of medical malpractice.  Shouldn’t healthcare providers who fail to diagnose an infection be liable?  Absolutely!

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