MRSA After Hospital Stay? Could be New York Medical Malpractice

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Did Your Get a MRSA Infection After a Hospital Staff?  Ask Our Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer if You’re the Victim of New York Medical Malpractice

If you were diagnosed with a MRSA infection after a hospital stay, you may have been the victim of New York medical malpractice or negligence.  This is because MRSA is a very special type of bacterial infection.  It is not like a normal bacteria, and it is usually found in hospital.  That is, in hospitals which fall to properly clean up after themselves, sanitizer rooms and equipment properly, and exercise proper hygiene.  This could absolutely be New York medical malpractice, and it could absolutely be fatal.

MRSA is a drug-resistant strain which is incredibly damaging and carries a hirer mortality rate than other infections.  This is because MRSA has mutated or evolved to be resistant to common medications and antibiotics.  It is frequently called the “superbug” which can be very deadly because the infection will have to “run its course” because it begins to die down.  This means that the infection could kill the patient very quickly, or result in catastrophic injuries such as amputations, traumatic brain injuries, heart damage, sepsis, multiple organ failure, and other catastrophic injuries.

MRSA infections can be New York medical malpractice when a hospital’s protocol on cleaning has been poorly handled.  This could be improperly sterilized tools, that are then used in surgeries and literally bury the MRSA into a patient.  Or this could be something as simple as properly cleaning a patient’s room or bed.  Sterilization protocols are very important in hospitals for this reason and negligence healthcare providers and entities like offices and hospitals should be liable for damages caused by MRSA, including amputation or wrongful death.

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