MRSA Infections Caused by Sloppy Hospital Protocol: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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MRSA Can be Caused by Albany Medical Malpractice

Even though patients undergoing surgical procedures consent to the risk of infection, which is a known complication of almost any hospital or medical procedure, some infections are not part of that commonly accepted risk.  These infections are MRSA infections, or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, and are more commonly known by the public as the “superbug” infections.

This is because MRSA is an evolved form of bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics.  Generally it may take 3, 4, 5 or even more types of antibiotics to kill off all of MRSA.  This is because the strain will continue to evolve as the antibiotics that are administered begin to kill it.  MRSA is a form of bacteria that is essentially “primed” and on the defense, so the introduction of any antibacterials will result in it evolving again.

As a result, MRSA is very difficult to treat and get rid of.  It is also very difficult to quickly get rid of too, meaning that is is likely that there will be infection causing serious personal injuries.  MRSA infections cause significant damage to a person’s body and are likely to destroy tissue, organs, and cause significant pain.

MRSA infections are also potentially fatal.  This is particularly true in vulnerable populations like young children or the elderly, or those who are sick, weak, injured, or in suffering from another condition or ailment.  Essentially, MRSA is fatal to those who are likely to be at a hospital or healthcare facility, which is where MRSA predominately lives.  This means that people that are most likely to be killed by MRSA are walking right to it.  DANGEROUS!

The real kicker is that MRSA can be cleaned and prevented with proper sterilization procedures.  This means sterilizing surgical equipment properly, thoroughly cleaning hospital rooms, beds, and equipment, and insuring that known MRSA infections are cornered and abated.  Otherwise patents can be seriously injured by coming into contact with MRSA.

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