Nerve Block Procedures That Go WRONG: New York Medical Malpractice

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New York Medical Malpractice Caused by Nerve Block Procedures that Go Wrong

A nerve block is a procedure used before a surgery.  This is when an anesthesiologist guides a needle very close to a major bundle of nerves right at the base of the limbs to be operated on, like the neck/upper shoulder, or the hip/upper leg.  A nerve block procedure injects powerful pain blocking drugs to stop the major nerves from sending up the message of pain from the operated on (injured) limb to the brain.  The nerve block usually only last several days after a surgery, but that is when the limb is most injured.  While commonly successful, a nerve block procedure can go wrong and be due to New York medical malpractice.

A nerve block procedure goes wrong for several reasons.  This includes hitting the bundle of nerves, injecting too little or too much of the medication, or missing the “pocket” where the nerves are and injected the medications into muscle or other structures which could be caustically affected by it.

An anesthesiologist is the medical professional who performs nerve block procedures.  The needle has an electric pulse on it which will work by providing little waves of electricity.  As the doctor pushes into the limb and deeper/closer to the bundle of nerves, the electric pulses will hit the nerves and be carried down the extremity.  When the doctor is close enough, he or she will see that fingers or toes begin to twitch more rapidly which means the doctor is close enough to the nerve for the nerve block to work.  

The obvious risk is hitting the nerve.  If the nerve is it, it could permanently shut off that nerve forever due to the damage.  It could also cause a neuroma which impairs its functioning.  These nerves are large and important nerves that are used for both sensation and motor function.  Damage here is catastrophic and New York medical malpractice.

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