Nerve Injuries from Kingston Surgical Errors: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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Kingston Surgical Errors Causing Nerve Injuries: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

When we think of medical malpractice, we typically think of surgical errors and operating room blunders.  This is what most of us think about when we think of medical errors.  Popular fiction has made slips of the scalpel or patients dying on an operating table due to an error a common thought.  While this is not necessarily true, and there are many more different types of cases like misdiagnosed conditions, anesthesia errors, medication mistakes, and other cases, surgical errors are common and due cause serious injuries.  A common injury is a nerve injury due to Kingston surgical errors, which should always be evaluated by a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer.

When a surgery is about to be performed, a surgeon and the surgical staff need to do a complete evaluation of the procedure and of the patient.  One fo the most common actions to perform before the knife touches the patient is to identify landmarks in the area of the surgical site.  This means looking for bones, depressions, muscle bulges, and other identifying features which can help doctor’s know what is supposed to be underneath.  Imaging studies like x-rays, sonograms, or MRIs can also be helpful in this regard.  The reason to identify landmarks and to map the surgical site is to know where the nerves should be.  By doing this, a surgeon can avoid cutting into a nerve and damaging it on the first cut.  

Once a surgeon has made an incision, the next process is to visually confirm vital structures like the nerves and blood vessels.  Steps should be taken to identify and protect these structures from damage, including cuts of the scalpel, abrasions, stretches, or other irritation which could cause additional injury.

When a doctor and surgical team fail to do this, they can cause very serious nerve injuries.  Any time a patient has sustained a nerve injury in New York, he or she should have a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer review the claim.  This is because surgeons needs to protect patients, and when they do not they should be liable for their errors!

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